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Series Features:

  • Roller shutters in a wide range of types and shapes suitable for a wide range of window models.

  • The series of light shutters is suitable for all sizes of openings.

  • Possibility to combine a manual wire mechanism or an electric motor.

  • Quality stages made of pulled aluminum, coated with scratch-resistant paint, which undergoes bending procedures that strengthen the stage.

  • A unique stage structure that allows you to control the amount of light that the opening will bring into the space of the house where the shutter is installed.

  • Quality sealing using two side guide systems - which provide double protection against water and air and wind penetration.


  • Selection of shutter hangers and manual or electric opening options.

  • Original accessories for the series.


Can be painted in all types of colors:

  • IRON - shades with an iron look and a grainy texture

  • FINE IRON - metallic shades with a smooth texture

  • Anodized - anodizing

  • METAL - Natural aluminum look

  • RAL range of colors - a smooth and glossy finish for a clean and classic look

Suitable for developers:

  • Width up to 600 cm and height up to 350 cm in electric operation.

  • Width up to 110 cm Height up to 180 cm in manual operation.


  • Suitable for use in all types of construction.

  • Public buildings, commercial, residential, private homes, renovation of existing buildings and more

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